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We are a digital innovation agency with technology at our core. Our team consists of enthusiastic developers, creative designers, and strategic thinkers who are obsessed with helping clients bring their ideas into life. Hexiqon Information Limited creates meaningful design and development solutions across all the connected touchpoints — web, mobile, smart devices, chatbots. We create next-generation digital products and experiences that define your brand, combining the latest technology with user-centered design and strategy.

What We Do


The application will show you a personal horoscope every day depending on your zodiac sign. It will tell you what to do in love affairs, whether there will be luck in money and what is the prognosis of your health. In addition, the application will indicate your special days of the month when you need to be alert.

Meditation Music

Good sleep is a cornerstone of wellbeing which helps to maintain the physical & mental health. The guided sleep meditations which include Mindful breathing, Visualization, Body Scan, Sleep Stories as well as Mantra for sleep meditation will definitely ease you into a peaceful & restful sleep by calming down your mind and unifying your thoughts.

Water Reminder

Drink water on time and maintain water balance in your body, thanks to the drink water reminder app. Not only is water essential to our life, but it can bring a lot of health benefits too and even help you with a weight loss diet. Water tracker has a smart drink water reminder working by your schedule. It will notify you daily when to drink water.

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Our Team


From project initiation until its completion and delivery, we ensure transparency throughout the process. We set realistic milestones, and they are communicated to our clients. Our firm commitments and fulfilled promises made us a renowned app development agency globally.


Treating everyone right is one of the most active virtues incorporated in our working culture, and this practice lays the ground of satisfactory client management.

Tech Lead

Our team is full of technology enthusiasts who love simplifying complex ideas into winning viable digital products & solutions. Our developers, designers, project managers & product managers passionate about their genre of work, which reflects in our works and sets us apart.